Endoscopic Devices
Endoscopic Urology
Endoscopic Gynaecology

Endoscopic Devices

For our endoscopic devices we exclusively use state-of-the-art electronic and micromechanical components and technologies (4K Ultra HD, HD-MOS, PHASER™ technology). They offer impressive easy handling as well as high quality and reliability.
Of course, all devices are tested according to current medical standards and approved for use in the operating theatre.

Cameras (SD, HD and 4K UHD)
Cold light sources (Xenon & LED)
Suction and irrigation systems
Device management
Documentation systems


Our endoscopes offer a brilliant and high-resolution image, guaranteed by the use of high-quality components and the latest manufacturing techniques.
The stainless steel construction with laser connection technology, scratch-resistant sapphire glasses that are inserted distally and proximally using a special gold solder induction procedure, as well as the complete sealing of the fibre optics from the optical system guarantee high stability and long durability.

AMNOTEC endoscopes are autoclavable up to a holding time of 18 minutes and approved for plasma sterilisation (STERRAD®100/200™, STERRAD®NX™ and STERIS).

Orthopaedics / Arthroscopy


AMNOTEC laparoscopy instruments are known for their intelligent and modular system, which can be precisely adapted to the respective surgical procedures. All instruments are available in various diameters and working lengths for optimal use in special disciplines such as paediatrics, visceral surgery, thoracoscopy and obesity.

The use of high quality materials (medical grade stainless steel, PEEK, Rilsan®) guarantees excellent quality and durability.
Our new bipolar AMNOGRIP and AMNOTARIS instruments meet all requirements in terms of functionality, ergonomics and economy thanks to their modularity and wide range of different, interchangeable jaws.

Insufflation cannulas and trocars
Suction and irrigation instruments
Monopolar and bipolar scissors, grasping and dissecting forceps
Suture and ligature instruments
Intra-abdominal vein clamps
Monopolar and bipolar coagulation electrodes
Instruments for gynaecological operations

Endoscopic Urology

The special design of our instruments with minimal shaft circumference and maximum stability allows the urologist to perform even difficult and demanding operations safely. Diagnostic and therapeutic interventions on the ureter, bladder, urethra, prostate and kidneys can be performed at the highest level.

Working elements for the use of laser probes, rigid and flexible instruments for interventions in the ureter or for the gentle removal of kidney stones as well as instruments for laparoscopy and paediatric urology complete our range of indispensable endo-urological products.

Cysto-urethroscopy sheaths and instruments
Instruments for laser surgery
Percutaneous nephroscopy
Paediatric urology

Endoscopic Gynaecology

AMNOTEC hysteroscopy sheaths for diagnostic and surgical procedures are available in various designs and diameters. Due to the miniaturisation of our shafts and surgical instruments, conventional invasive procedures can be performed even more atraumatically.

Suitable instruments, devices and electrodes complete the product range.

Instruments and sheaths for mini-hysteroscopy
Cutting loops for supracervical hysterectomy
Office hysteroscope
Irrigation system with integrated fluid management system for intrauterine resectoscopy
Uterine manipulators
Instruments for laparoscopic gynaecology


Our AMNOCUT arthroscopy punches impress with an excellent cutting quality as well as a long service life due to their individual mechanics and specially CNC manufactured jaws.

The newly developed HIGH-FLOW arthroscopy sheaths achieve a 30% higher irrigation rate than comparable sheaths due to their special design and enlarged irrigation openings.

High-Flow shafts, irrigation cannulas
Shears, punches, grasping forceps
Manual instruments
Monopolar and bipolar electrodes

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